REVIEW: Be on the look out for “Lines in the Sky”!

Hailing from Nashville, TN, Lines in the Sky could be on the brink of super stardom. It typically takes me a day or so to actually get into a bands music for whatever reason. Sometimes I have to go and see them live to really wrap my head around said band’s material. This time, things were completely different, especially when I checked out Lines in the Sky for the first time.

Lines in the Sky are a Rock/Progressive/Alternative band from Nashville, TN. I was given the privilege of listening to some of their songs which I enjoyed a lot. Lines in the Sky currently has an album out right now entitled, Parallel Travel.

I really loved Parallel Travel. My favorite song was the title track as well as a few select other songs. Aside from the title track, the production for Parallel Travel seemed to be pretty tight fitting; instrumentally and vocally. I was impressed by that. The chemistry in the band is astonishing. I could really tell how well everybody fits together. I would definitely recommend Lines in the Sky to somebody looking for a band that is fresh, new, and unique.

Go check out Lines in the Sky and be sure to purchase Parallel Travel wherever music is sold!

Parallel Travel


A RockHaven Music Review by Erik Gibbons



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