DevilDriver – Trust No One album review

On May 13th, DevilDriver released their seventh studio album entitled, Trust No One, and it was produced by Mark Lewis. This is arguably DevilDriver‘s greatest work to date and there’s no question about that.The replay value on this is insane and I’m going to explain why.

Trust No One is the first album since 2013’s Winter Kills which also features newest members John Boecklin and Jeff Kendrick. The production that was done on this album by Mark Lewis seems to be the smoothest compared to previous releases. The first taste that I got of the album was when “My Night Sky” was released as a single. Soon after, Trust No One was released to the world and can be purchased wherever music is sold.

The tracklist includes:

  • “Testimony of Truth”
  • “Bad Deeds”
  • “My Night Sky”
  • “This Deception”
  • “Above it All”
  • “Daybreak”
  • “Trust No One”
  • “Feeling Un-god-ly”
  • “Retribution”
  • “For What It’s Worth”
  • “House Divided (bonus track)”
  • “Evil on Swift Wings (bonus track)”

“Testimony of Truth” was well placed on the tracklist and serves as a nice opener for the album. “Bad Deeds” took the vibe to a whole other level. An organized tracklist is key in my eyes. Otherwise, it can make the whole album boring if it isn’t handled correctly. DevilDriver‘s production team seems to have that perfected. Especially, if you take previous releases into consideration.

“Bad Deeds” led into “My Night Sky”, which has a really catchy chorus. It’s a song that could definitely win over the crowd when playing live.

“Above it All” was next in the fold. This song stuck with me in particular because of its chrous, lyrically and instrumentally. The guitars are very melodic here and that tends to draw me in the most when listening to new music.

“Daybreak”, and the rest of the album really delivers. I was really impressed by Trust No One. There wasn’t one dull moment for the duration of the album. On June 4th, I have the honor of seeing DevilDriver, Hatebreed, and Devil You Know, at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. Make sure you go check them out on tour and purchase Trust No One wherever music is sold.


A RockHaven Music Review by Erik Gibbons



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