Good Charlotte’s new blend of the past & present, ‘Youth Authority’ New Album Review

I will let it be known right now that I’m a huge metal head and I always have been. I’ve never really given anything else a chance because it’s the genre of music that I’ve always loved and gravitated towards the most compared to anything else. Up until now, Good Charlotte‘s latest effort, Youth Authority, has somewhat changed my outlook on all of that. I recall listening to Good Charlotte and many other pop-punk icons over the years because of my friends. With that being said, Youth Authority really hit home with me.

It’s been many years since I’ve heard anything from Good Charlotte. I’m aware that they took some time off to breathe for a few years which should be looked at in a positive manner. A lot of bands like Good Charlotte are very hard working individuals and deserve some time to themselves. After all of these years of not really paying them any mind, I decided to give them a listen recently after hearing that they ended their hiatus and were releasing new music. And I’m happy that I did. When the opening track, Life Changes, started playing I found myself drawn in immediately and I started to remember days throughout my neighborhood skateboarding and doing kid stuff while my friends and I listened to them and other bands for hours on end. Life Changes was the anthem of it all for me because it’s like my youth is in revolt (no pun intended). It makes me want to say screw it and disregard others.


My favorite song on Youth Authority was 40 oz. because I couldn’t agree more with the message behind it. It’s like they put us in a time machine and sent us forward. Now, were in this shift of time where bands of the past have aged immensely and aren’t really performing like they have before. However, Good Charlotte happens to be that band that can still make hits and get the crowd going after being away for some time. In retrospect, they haven’t changed and remain to be the same band that they were years before which holds true in reality.


Overall, I would definitely give Youth Authority a solid 8 out 10. The slow songs didn’t really sit too well with me. I’m into really fast music which is why I gave it an 8. It’s good to see Good Charlotte back at it again and they sound top notch. They have a tour coming up this Fall with direct support coming from The Story So Far, Big Jesus, Four Years Strong, Hit the Lights, and Set Your Goals. They will be hitting The Fillmore in Philadelphia on November 10th. Purchase your tickets now! Information on the tour can be found below.


Tour Info


A RockHaven Music Review by Erik Gibbons


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