The Black Album is 25!

It’s amazing how times flies anymore. It’s been 25 years since the release of Metallica‘s landmark self-titled masterpiece; better know to the world as, The Black Album. This album has had a huge impact on me as a fan of heavy music and The Black Album still continues to hold that spot. It’s a timeless piece of history that has an insane amount of replay value for years to come.

It all started when I was five years old. I was an eager child looking for music to listen to and my older brother had just gotten the CD for The Black Album for his birthday. A few days later, I raided his room when he was at a friend’s house and I’m glad that I did because it introduced me to a genre of music that changed my life for the better. I popped the CD into my CD player (pre-iPod/Walkman days) and was immediately hypnotized by the essence of the opening riff and slowly, but surely approaching sound of Lars Ulrich on ‘Enter Sandman’. I continued to listen to the rest of the album and I realized after I was done that Heavy Metal was definitely my forte.

It’s very difficult to narrow this album down to one specific track or even a top three that stands out to me. But, if I had to choose one or the other, then it would be ‘Holier Than Thou’. ‘Holier Than Thou’ from start to finish gets me amped for anything. The solo, the fierce gallop of James Hetfield’s playing and vocals. It’s a very useful resource for any situation. The next two tracks would be ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and ‘The Struggle Within’ for the same exact reasons that I picked ‘Holier Than Thou’ and that’s not saying much. The Black Album is absolutely flawless.

I don’t even really have a specific for my Top 5 Favorite Albums, but The Black Album is up there. I’ve played this album more times than I can count and continue to play it to this day. It’s easily one of the best Metal albums in history by the best Metal band in history, Metallica. Happy Anniversary!


[Cover Photo by Jeff Vespa]

A RockHaven Album Review by Erik Gibbons



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