Iowa = 15

Artisitically, lyrically, and instrumentally, Iowa, Slipknot‘s second album, is their most ferocious and angriest release to date. In just a few days, it will be turning 15. It was produced by the great Ross Robinson which at the time was a low point for the band. Former-drummer Joey Jordison and former-bassist Paul Gray began the blue print for the album in the fall of 2000 and the band then headed out to L.A. just a few months later to track it. The gutteral vocals, bullet speed guitars, and ridiculously fast drumming by Joey Jordison and company was thrown into a blender. Then, the world was given Iowa.

Iowa was a precursor to what would be Slipknot‘s soon to come illustrious career. The band was young, angry, confused, and they needed to let it all out. After all of the hard work and late nights in the studio, as quoted by Metal Hammer, “The best metal album of the 21st century” was born.

Iowa also a huge benefit to me as well because it introduced me to music that was much heavier than what I was already hearing in my life and I needed to spice things up a bit. The first song that I ever heard from Slipknot was Left Behind which happens to be on Iowa. It bridged that gap that I needed to fill and gave me an avenue to other great bands that I later discovered after first hearing Left Behind. My second and third favorite songs are Everything Ends and People = Shit. The rest of the album has its highlights and special moments, but those are my favorite tracks which was difficult for me to choose. This whole album has it going.

It’s crazy to think that this album is going to be 15. Since it’s release, Slipknot has put out some of the best music in all of modern metal and, in my opinion, are the best band of the new wave of American Heavy Metal. No wonder why it’s considered to be the best Metal album of the 21st century. If you haven’t listened to it, do it. Now.


A RockHaven Album Review by Erik Gibbons


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