Mortanius – ‘A Voice From Beyond’ [Review]

Mortanius, a Progressive Power Metal outfit hailing from Pennsylvania, just dropped their new EP A Voice From Beyond. The band currently features Lucas Flocco on Guitars & Vocals, Jesse Show on Bass. The EP also featured Mike Hunsicker on Guitar, who plays in ArchAngel which hails from New Jersey. A Voice From Beyond was produced by Chris Kelly and Jim Jenca.

A Voice From Beyond has four tracks with two covers. Those two covers are ‘Barbie Girl’ and ‘Slam Dunk’, which is the theme from the popular 90’s anime Slam Dunk. The other two tracks on A Voice From Beyond,Falling’ and ‘A Voice From Beyond’ are completely original. For somebody that doesn’t normally listen to Power Metal or anything that is more progressive than heavy, I have to admit that I was thoroughly impressed by this EP.

The guitar playing, courtesy of Mike Hunsicker, is some of the cleanest playing that I’ve heard this year. Jesse Show‘s bass playing is also very intricate and not just thrown on there for the sake of recording and releasing something. It has a very nice flow and really keeps up the pace of the music. Lucas Flocco‘s vocals are very outstanding and have a lingering sound. He put on a very top notch performance; pay extra close attention here, I mean that.

My favorite track on A Voice From Beyond was ‘Falling’. It’s the most melodic of the four tracks on the EP which I tend to look a lot. A good melody or a plethora of melodies is always a good thing.

Overall, A Voice From Beyond is a very well put together EP that features 3 of the area’s most talented musicians all in one spot. If you’re a fan of melodic guitars, fast drums, and a nice dose of clean bass playing, then check out A Voice From Beyond by Mortanius. Be sure to check out the rest of their material and download A Voice From Beyond at the link below. Enjoy!


A Voice From Beyond


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