Youth Authority Tour [REVIEW] – 11/10/2016

Nostalgia is one of my most favorite things in the world. I love being able to relive parts of my childhood or any moment of the past for that matter. It brings back a lot of great memories of whatever the case may be. Nostalgia was surely in the air when the Youth Authority Tour made a stop at The Fillmore Philadelphia which featured Big Jesus, Four Year Strong, The Story So Far, and Good Charlotte. Good Charlotte was touring in support of their latest release, Youth Authority, which can be purchased wherever music is being sold.

I was somewhat late to the party that night. I arrived at the venue with just minutes to go until the end of Big Jesus’ set. During that short amount of time that I had to enjoy what was left, the crowd seemed to be really into Big Jesus. From the various amounts of crowd surfers to the fans that were enjoying themselves and having a good time, there was a lot of excitement going on which meant that Big Jesus had that connection with the crowd which is extremely important. This could only mean that great things were coming.

Four Year Strong was up next and this is where my night got started. I stepped into the photo pit to shoot the first three songs which is standard to every concert for the most part. I’ve never seen Four Year Strong live nor have I ever listened to them before so I was left with a strong feeling of anticipation. They started playing and I was intrigued almost right away. They were fast, melodic, and very smooth. The fans really got into it too because I found myself dodging bodies left and right once again. There was some moshing, but not much. Overall, I was pleased. Four Year Strong did a great job performing. I loved it.

Shortly after, Parker Cannon, better known as the lead singer of The Story So Far, walked on stage with the rest of the band. ‘Things I Can’t Change’ was their first song which seemed okay to me. Shortly after, they played various other tracks which included ‘All Wrong’, ‘Heavy Gloom’, ‘Empty Space’, and many others. I made a comparison between The Story So Far and Four Year Strong because of how similar they were musically. They weren’t entirely the same, but there were some aspects that reminded me of them. I also really liked how respectful and generous Parker Cannon was throughout the set to the fans; thanking them after every song. His stage presence was outstanding and made the show that much better. I have a lot of respect for musicians that remember the fans. I’d love to see The Story So Far again sometime. They took the show to a whole other level.

After much anticipation and excitement, Good Charlotte started their set with the lingering lyrics and sounds of ‘The Anthem’. This instantly brought back memories of my friends and I jamming their albums everyday. Other songs included new songs such as ‘Life Changes’, as well as classics including ‘Girls and Boys’, ‘Lifestyles of The Rich and The Famous’, as well as countless others. Their connection with the crowd was everlasting. I’ve never seen Good Charlotte live before, but it was pretty cool seeing them live for the first time while covering their set. After all of these years with some spent away from the spotlight, Good Charlotte shows zero signs of ever slowing down. This is a show that you don’t want to miss when they’re in your town or close to it.

I left the venue in awe and my ears were still ringing. Everybody did a terrific job performing. There was never a dull moment and I wish I could go back. Live shots can be seen at the link below:

Live Shots

A RockHaven Concert Review by Erik Gibbons