DevilDriver – Trust No One album review

On May 13th, DevilDriver released their seventh studio album entitled, Trust No One, and it was produced by Mark Lewis. This is arguably DevilDriver‘s greatest work to date and there’s no question about that.The replay value on this is insane and I’m going to explain why.

Trust No One is the first album since 2013’s Winter Kills which also features newest members John Boecklin and Jeff Kendrick. The production that was done on this album by Mark Lewis seems to be the smoothest compared to previous releases. The first taste that I got of the album was when “My Night Sky” was released as a single. Soon after, Trust No One was released to the world and can be purchased wherever music is sold.

The tracklist includes:

  • “Testimony of Truth”
  • “Bad Deeds”
  • “My Night Sky”
  • “This Deception”
  • “Above it All”
  • “Daybreak”
  • “Trust No One”
  • “Feeling Un-god-ly”
  • “Retribution”
  • “For What It’s Worth”
  • “House Divided (bonus track)”
  • “Evil on Swift Wings (bonus track)”

“Testimony of Truth” was well placed on the tracklist and serves as a nice opener for the album. “Bad Deeds” took the vibe to a whole other level. An organized tracklist is key in my eyes. Otherwise, it can make the whole album boring if it isn’t handled correctly. DevilDriver‘s production team seems to have that perfected. Especially, if you take previous releases into consideration.

“Bad Deeds” led into “My Night Sky”, which has a really catchy chorus. It’s a song that could definitely win over the crowd when playing live.

“Above it All” was next in the fold. This song stuck with me in particular because of its chrous, lyrically and instrumentally. The guitars are very melodic here and that tends to draw me in the most when listening to new music.

“Daybreak”, and the rest of the album really delivers. I was really impressed by Trust No One. There wasn’t one dull moment for the duration of the album. On June 4th, I have the honor of seeing DevilDriver, Hatebreed, and Devil You Know, at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. Make sure you go check them out on tour and purchase Trust No One wherever music is sold.


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REVIEW: Be on the look out for “Lines in the Sky”!

Hailing from Nashville, TN, Lines in the Sky could be on the brink of super stardom. It typically takes me a day or so to actually get into a bands music for whatever reason. Sometimes I have to go and see them live to really wrap my head around said band’s material. This time, things were completely different, especially when I checked out Lines in the Sky for the first time.

Lines in the Sky are a Rock/Progressive/Alternative band from Nashville, TN. I was given the privilege of listening to some of their songs which I enjoyed a lot. Lines in the Sky currently has an album out right now entitled, Parallel Travel.

I really loved Parallel Travel. My favorite song was the title track as well as a few select other songs. Aside from the title track, the production for Parallel Travel seemed to be pretty tight fitting; instrumentally and vocally. I was impressed by that. The chemistry in the band is astonishing. I could really tell how well everybody fits together. I would definitely recommend Lines in the Sky to somebody looking for a band that is fresh, new, and unique.

Go check out Lines in the Sky and be sure to purchase Parallel Travel wherever music is sold!

Parallel Travel


A RockHaven Music Review by Erik Gibbons


Cane Hill, Asking Alexandria, and Bullet For My Valentine Concert Review (5/10/2016)

The Spring Season is the time of the year where you can expect some pretty epic tours. The British Invasion Tour, consisting of Cane Hill, Asking Alexandria, and Bullet For My Valentine is one of those tours. Asking Alexandria recently released their latest album entitled, The Black on March 25th and it was produced by Joey Sturgis.

The show took place at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. This was my first time attending a show here and I ended up really liking the venue. The staff was very accommodating and the show ran very smoothly.

Cane Hill was the first band to play. I’ve never really heard much about them until I got the chance to see them perform. Their music is actually pretty cool and their live performance is highly energetic. Their music reminded me of Korn‘s music mostly. But, it had a lot of originality to it as well. If you’ve never listened to Cane Hill, then I suggest you go and check them out. They have a new album coming out on July 15th.

I was most excited to see Asking Alexandria because of their new vocalist, Denis Stoff; an unknown, YouTube sensation hailing from Ukraine. I was interested to see exactly how he could fill the void that was left after the sudden departure of founding Asking Alexandria member, Danny Worsnop. They opened with I Won’t Give In and continued their set with a mixture of old songs and some new songs off of The Black. Overall, I think Denis will pull this off. He’s very talented in and out of the studio. Check out The Black and purchase it wherever music is sold.

Finally, Bullet For My Valentine began their set. I’ve seen them three times now and they seem to get better every show. They started with No Way Out which led into Your Betrayal and included hits such as 4 Words (To Choke Upon), Scream Aim Fire, and countless others. Song selection is key when playing live and Bullet For My Valentine seems to have that perfected. Be sure to check out their latest album, Venom, and purchase it wherever music is sold.


A RockHaven Concert Review by Erik Gibbons.

Nick Menza benefit show to feature ex-Megadeth members

Over the weekend, the metal scene lost another great one. Nick Menza, ex-drummer of Megadeth, passed away at the age of 51. He collapsed on stage during a performance with his band OHM at a Los Angeles nightclub when he suffered a heart attack.

Albany-based radio station Q103 iterviewed Dave Mustaine prior to Megadeth’s headlining performance at the Rock N’ Derby festival in Scaghticoke, NY when he stated that a benefit show for Nick Menza’s family was in the works. According the interview, he’s hoping to gather ex-Megadeth members so that we can remember Nick Menza for the performer that he was. More details should be coming soon.


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Whitechapel debut “The Void”

Whitechapel just released another new track entitled, The Void  and it is everything that you would expect from Whitechapel. The hook is pretty catchy, the guitar solo is fast, and the riff is very heavy. Clearly, this track is free of clean vocals which is rumored to be featured on their upcoming album, Mark Of The Blade, which is due out on June 24th. Go check out The Void, which can be found in the link below and you can pre-order Mark Of The Blade wherever music is sold.

The Void:


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VIMIC unleashes “She Sees Everything”

VIMIC has released yet another track, this time accompanied by a music video, entitled She Sees Everything. The track is about a girl who, at first, seems too good to be true and ends up taking every little thing for granted as she sees them. The music video, which was directed by Jeremy Danger and Travis Shinn, is straight to the point without taking away from what the song is about.  She Sees Everything is available now through Roadrunner Records and wherever music is sold.


Download it at:

Watch the video here:


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by Erik Gibbons


Volbeat is pleased  to announce that, since Anders Kjølholm made his departure from Volbeat, Kaspar Boye Larsen has stepped up to the plate as their new, permanent Bassist. Kaspar Boye Larsen has played with the likes of melodic death metal band Withering Surface, as well as The Kandiate and Thorium. Make sure that you pick up a copy of Volbeat’s new album Seal The Deal And Let’s Boogie on June 3rd wherever music is sold!


Written by Erik Gibbons

Slayer & Company destroy The Fillmore Philadelphia (3/3/2016)

It was a cold, Winter night when Slayer, along with Testament and Carcass laid waste to The Fillmore Philadelphia located in the historic, Fishtown section of Philadelphia, PA. Once I arrived, and retrieved my Ticket and Photo Pass, the atmosphere alone gave me a good taste of what was to come.

Up first, Carcass began their set. Carcass are Death Metal kings. Jeff Walker made his way on stage and belted out screams that could be heard for miles. The band, having formed in 1985, has gone through some lineup changes over the years. Currently, the lineup consists of Jeff Walker on Vocals and Bass, Bill Steer on Guitar and Backup Vocals, Daniel Wilding on Drums, and Ben Ash on Guitar. I’m not really too familiar with Carcass. So, I was unsure of whether I was going to end up liking them or not. So, I began shooting their set and took some mental notes along the way. Keep in mind, I can only shoot the first 3 songs of each band which isn’t enough time to judge a band that you’ve never listened to before. But, I feel like I took in enough to make a decision once the third song came to a close. I enjoyed them. They were fast, aggressive, and they really got the crowd fired up. Their setlist went as follows:

  • Unfit for Human Consumption
  • Buried Dreams
  • Incarnated Solvent Abuse
  • Cadaver Pouch Conveyer System
  • The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills
  • Captive Bolt Pistol
  • Corporal Jigsore Quandary
  • Heartwork

Carcass wasn’t so bad. I would definitely recommend them to a friend or somebody that is looking for a pure bread, Death Metal band. Their music can be found wherever music is sold.

Up next, Testament took things to a whole new level. Chuck Billy, along with Alex Skolnick on Lead Guitar and Backup Vocals, Eric Peterson on Rhytm Guitar and Backup Vocals, Gene Hoglan on Drums, and Steve DiGiorgio on Bass, started with D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate). Other songs included Legions of the Dead, Rise Up, Dog Faced Gods, The New Order, Practice What You Preach, Into the Pit, and my personal favorite, The Formation of Damnation. I feel as if there were to be another band that was going to be added to the Big Four of Thrash Metal, Testament would be that band. Testament is one of the original pioneers of the genre, and since breaking out of the Bay Area Thrash Scene in the late 1980’s, Testament has since made a huge impact. Chuck Billy absolutely delivered vocally, too. For being involved in music for such a long time, he sure doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down at any time soon. Testament played very well. I hope that their next album is just as good as everything else they they’ve released.

Finally, the almighty Slayer takes the stage to an absolute ecstatic, energy-driven crowd. With fans in attendance chanting their name, Slayer played flawlessly. I’ve seen Slayer four times. And out of those four times that I’ve seen Slayer live, I shot Slayer twice. The first time was at what turned out to be the last Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival to ever take place in Camden, NJ and this time around, Slayer seems to have been really dedicated to fine tuning their live show. The lights went out, and the curtains lit up with all sorts of symbols bouncing off from side to side. Once the curtains fell down, they opened things up with the title track off of their latest album, “Repentless”, which was released this past September on the 11th. If you had the chance to do so or if you plan on catching Slayer on this current tour, notice the guitar that Gary Holt is playing that he had designed recently. The coolest part about that guitar is that he had his own blood withdrawn which was then mixed with the paint that was used to give it the design that you see. Crazy, right? Slayer continued the fun with hits such as Postmortem, Born of Fire, Disciple, God Send Death, War Ensemble, When The Stillness Comes, You Against You, Mandatory Suicide, Hate Worldwide, Chemical Warfare, Take Control, Pride In Prejudice, Payback, Seasons In The Abyss, Hell Awaits, Dead Skin Mask, World Painted Blood, South Of Heaven, Raining Blood, Black Magic, and Angel Of Death. Slayer didn’t fall short at any point. From top to bottom, Slayer kept up the pace and put on an amazing show. Listen to and purchase their latest album, “Repentless” which can be found wherever music is sold.


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